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Reconstruction and extension of old mansion in the spirit of Neoclassicism.


Objective of the project was to designed for 1 unit family with 4 child.


The desire of the customer was to build a house in a far distance from the noise of the city, with large number of guest accommodations.


The task result of the project for the large family was mandatory vertical and horizontal zoning, where quiet zones are separated from active and guest zones are separated from sleeping areas. Residential spacious house, an area of 1050 sq. meters.

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Ground floor

1. Lobby
2. Dressing room
3. Hall
4. Guests restroom
5. Living room
6. Closet
7. Kitchen closet
8. Kitchen
9. Hall
10. Dinning room
11. Back entrance
12. Restroom
13. Pool room
14. Restroom
15. Hall
16. Washing


17. Shower
18. Back entrance
19. Sauna
20. Hamam
21. Saline bath
22. Common room

The house has 3 main floors, a belvedere (gazebo) and a basement closet. The first floor is the reception area where the main part of life will flow.


In the ground floor designed with output to main terrace. There is a area of parents.

Mansard floor

1. Hall
2. Guest Bedroom
3. Child Bedroom
4. Child Bathroom
5. Child Closet
6. Guest Bedroom
7. Games room
8. Guest Bathroom
9. Guest Bedroom
10. Closet
11. Hall
12. Guest Bedroom
13. Fitness room
14. Restroom
15. Cabinet

And on the 3rd floor there is an area for children, guest bedrooms and a work area.

Underground floor

1. Hall
2. Boiler room
3. Closet
4. Main Bathroom
5. Closet
6. Closet
7. Hall
8. Laundry
9. Restroom
10. Hall
11. Bathroom

12. Restroom
13. Closet
14. Restroom
15. Closet

16. Hall
17. Utility room
18. Game room
19. Restroom
20. Back entrance
21. Utility room

This project is loved for its opportunity to realize the skill of working with solid composition and detailed elaboration of a complex facade in combination with an internal layout by methodology of projecting.

“The Golden Ratio" for example.